Brian Forman, Founder

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Brian Forman, Founder

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Performance Kitchens & Home,
Philadelphia, PA

Education: Boston College honors student; Cum laude graduate; Academic studies in four schools--Business Law, School of Education, Pre-Medicine and Arts & Sciences; Apprenticed cabinet maker; Studied Nakashima furniture making; Graduate of the GE School of Lighting Design. Past Experience: Juried participant of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen; Project manager for Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority; Manufacturing consultant for several custom cabinetry and design firms; Contractor & coordinator for the Housing and Urban Development national program (HUD); Real estate developer; Consultant to Workbench Custom Scandinavian Design Division; International export coordinator-Japan, France; Marketing and Sales consultant. Special talents and recognition: Winner of the Manufacturers Presidents Award (ten times) for highest volume of any single location account; Sub-Zero Design Contest winner; Five time Cabinet Manufacturers Award winner for excellence; Professional automotive designer and fabricator (factory trained at BMW & M.B.); Recipient of 3 U.S. patents for hardware design; Founder of the first fiber-winding-core recycling operation for the paper industry (current president); Ornithologist (biology major) Member: PBA, SUHBA, NKBA, ASID, NARI.

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