Larissa Burza, Senior Designer

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Larissa Burza, Senior Designer

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Performance Kitchens & Home,
Philadelphia, PA

Larissa was born and raised in Philadelphia and continues to live there with her family. In 2008, Performance Kitchens was in need of Creative a Designer with drafting skills and Interior Design education, so they hand picked her from the pool of recent graduates that were honor students from the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she earned her degree for Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. Larissa quickly excelled to become a Senior Designer due to her high mechanical aptitude. She is a descendant of carpenters and woodworkers on both sides of her family, so it only seems natural that she work with cabinetry. Larissa was exposed to different cultures throughout her childhood since her parents were transplants from Ukraine and Brazil. This has taught her that there are so many different types of people and lifestyles and has aided her in being able to communicate easily with our clients. Larissa loves the challenge of hearing people's needs and wants in their limited spaces and exceeding their expectations. Even as a small child Larissa loved the logical thinking of how to make interior spaces better with good space planning. Whenever her parents were not looking she would rearrange the furniture to better suit their needs.

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