Nancy Forman, Head of Design/Creative Director

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Nancy Forman, Head of Design/Creative Director

Uploaded Sep 23, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Performance Kitchens & Home,
Philadelphia, PA

Education: Tyler School of Art; Moore College of Art Photography and visual merchandising; University of the Arts; Graphic design; Philadelphia University; Textile design. Past Experience: 20+ years Renovation Architecture; 8 years Retail Management and Marketing; Harrah's Casino Merchandising & Sales Promotion. Special talents and recognition: Graphics Engineering & Design; Techno graphic Illustrations; Marketing Director; Sub zero design contest winner; Guest host twice on HGTV (home & garden network); Author "Nancy Knows" column (Main Line Times); Manufacture's awards for design & cabinetry; Space planning; Material sourcing & coordination; Computer rendering & CAD; Landscape & kitchen photography; Jewelry design; Gourmet Cook; Member of NKBA, SUHBA, PBA, NARI.

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