Why Join ServiceLane?

Contractors have a lot of choices when it comes to marketing their business to find work. Not all of those choices turn out to be winners. So why should you become part of the ServiceLane family of pros? We think it's all about two things: transparency and choice.

With ServiceLane, there are no hidden fees, hidden deals, fake leads, or runarounds. We are about presenting you in the best possible light to your potential customers, and getting you leads we make sure are real.

When a homeowner contacts you through your profile on ServiceLane, you pay nothing for that lead, which at that point is solid, though unconfirmed. But once a consumer makes that contact, we check in with them to confirm that the work they want done is real. So if we bring a lead to you directly, you know we've confirmed its quality.

We expect that your profile, and links to your website, will present a clear picture of the kind of pro you are. We'll encourage you to build the best profile possible, with good photos of your work and your crew, and with endorsements and recommendations from your satisfied clients. You control the content of your profile - the better and more complete your profile, the more prominently you'll appear on ServiceLane. And your basic profile costs nothing, so you and your work will appear on ServiceLane at no charge.

We can't be any more transparent than that!

As for choice, you get to choose how you use our service. Our pricing is based on what we call "pick to play," so you don't need to pay for leads when you don't want or need them. You choose how active you want to be. Our Pricing Schedule spells out all the options for getting our leads, so you can tailor your participation to what's right for you. And remember, any lead that comes to you directly from your profile is free, so what you do with that lead is completely up to you.

Transparency and choice. Let our homeowners get to know you. Get in front of real prospects. Choose how to work with us. That's the ServiceLane difference!