How We Work

The Best Systems are Simple and Transparent

Many reviews today cannot be trusted, and are often the work of unscrupulous customers and shady competitors. We want to level that playing field by letting you get to know our pros through images, descriptions of their work, and reviews by their real customers. If you've ever used LinkedIn, you'll know what we mean. A ServiceLane professional profile simply focuses on helping a pro put his or her best foot forward.

The ServiceLane pros who provide the most photos of their work and their staff, and have the most positive reviews and recommendations rise in our ratings by being presented to you first. They and their staffs are encouraged to post comments on each photo, and to have clients post comments as well. We encourage them to show before and after shots, and works in progress, so you can understand what's going on and have realistic expectations about your own project. And we stress that photos should be clear and self-explanatory, but don't need to be the highly stylized wish book images you'll find elsewhere. Our goal is to provide you as clear a view into what makes our guys tick as we possibly can, making the hiring process less painful.

And we encourage you to post images as well, as inspiration for your own project and to share with others, or to show off the work of pros who you think have done a good job. The scrapbook you create on ServiceLane can be filled with images you find anywhere, but we hope will also be filled with images you pull from the profiles of our contractors.

When you choose to contact one of our pros, we'll check in with you to see how the conversation is going, and we'll help you find additional similar pros so you can get competitive bids for your project. Or, if you'd prefer to have us do the legwork, we'll find pros for you who are best suited to your project.