Ryan Garrison, Principal

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Ryan Garrison, Principal

Uploaded Jan 13, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Greenwise Design & Construction,
Greenville, SC

After graduating from Clemson University with a visual arts degree in 2007, Ryan Garrison traveled north to Kennebunkport, Maine to study Naval Architecture and Design. In June of 2009, Ryan received his diploma in Yacht Design from The Landing School and traveled back home to Greenville, SC with an in-depth understanding of design, rendering and structural engineering that play a daily role in his construction business. After searching for a career in yacht design and no response from potential employers, Ryan began looking a little closer to home for a new avenue to display his talents. He began working on small construction projects in Greenville, SC for friends and family. After several months of steady work, Ryan realized that there might be an opportunity for him to pursue design and construction in the Upstate. After working on several small projects, Ryan began utilizing his design background and construction experience to get in the door of the design build industry. Greenwise Design and Construction was started as an avenue for Ryan to utilize his design and construction background. Greenwise prides itself on being able to provide original and modern designs while also providing quality and affordable construction. The majority of construction projects revolve around exterior 'hardscapes' such as patios, arbors, privacy fences, exterior kitchens, stonework, custom gates, fireplaces, and more. However, they have expanded their abilities in completing many home renovations and are always anxious and willing to take on any project inside or out. The work speaks for itself, feel free to contact Greenwise at any time to set up a free consultation or to get a quote.

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