Andrew Forman, Project Consultant

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Andrew Forman, Project Consultant

Uploaded Oct 5, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Legacy Design Build Remodeling,
Scottsdale, AZ

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Andrew learned from a very early age how to appreciate and capture the inherent beauty of any environment. Originating from a family of architects and design enthusiasts, Andrew cites his late uncle as his greatest mentor. Says Andrew, "As an architect, my uncle was motivated by achieving an enriched quality of life through passion for what you do, who you surround yourself with and your natural environment." These influences were not lost on Andrew, who moved to Hawaii to attend the University of Hawaii, obtaining a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Architecture. After school, he worked as a project manager and designer in a comprehensive architectural firm, where he ultimately focused on residential design and sustainability. After ten years, he and his partner, Shawna, decided to explore America's Southwest, choosing Scottsdale as their new home to raise a family, explore, design and build. As a Project Consultant at Legacy Design Build Remodeling, Andrew is well qualified to lead and partner with clients, offering his well-honed sense of creative solutions to a variety of home renovations. The results are both innovative and intuitive, a testament to talent and teamwork.

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