Cathy Gaspar

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Cathy Gaspar

Uploaded Jun 19, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Gaspar's Construction,
Seattle, WA

Cathy provides the innovation behind Gaspar's unique designs. An industry expert on remodeling design, she has been featured in numerous articles in national magazines such as Professional Remodeler Magazine and Remodeling Magazine. Through her unique approach, Cathy considers a variety of factors such as how you use your home, its atmosphere, existing architectural characteristics, natural light, and traffic patterns. This methodology helps her design an environment perfectly tailored to fit your lifestyle. Cathy has trekked internationally to China, Italy, Mexico and most recently to Bali finding influences for great design ideas. Cathy holds an interior design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle and has more than a decade of experience working with homeowners, building contractors, and cabinet makers. Additionally, Cathy's passion for the last many years has been helping to fund the Seattle AIDS Support Group. She works diligently to direct proceeds from the Remodeled Home Tour to this organization.

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