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Uploaded Jan 26, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Rasmussen, LLC,
Walker, MI

With so many different options for the siding of your home or business, it's hard to know which option is best for you. Our knowledgeable staff will help you determine which product will provide you with the greatest value. Insulated vinyl siding is an excellent way to decrease the energy costs of your home or business. Along with improving your ventilation system with proper fascia and soffit, this option can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Our leading siding manufacturers, CertainTeed, Mastic, and Variform, provide excellent warranties and offer numerous color and design options that will guarantee a beautiful building that will last for many years. Fiber Cement Board offers a high-end solution to all your siding needs. Their custom zone technology allows this product to withstand the cold winters and the hot summers of West Michigan as well as any form of precipitation. Top brands like James Hardie allow you to choose from a variety of design options in lap, shingle, panel, fascia, trim and soffit. For added durability, we encourage proper caulking and a coat of Sherwin Williams or Cabot's paint that will also modernize your home or business for a long-term warrantied solution. LP SmartSide is a "green" solution that provides the design elements of real wood with added performance. SmartGuard technology allows for a stronger product than real wood because it will not deteriorate over time from causes such as weather or insects. Trim, fascia, lap, shake, soffit, and paneling options are available, and an industry-leading warranty is also offered. With proper painting and caulking, LP SmartSide is an excellent way to add beauty and performance to your home or business. Our experienced crews are also able to repair damaged siding of all varieties, including cedar and aluminum, in an affordable fashion. No matter your siding problem, Rasmussen Exteriors has your answers.

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