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Uploaded Jan 26, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Rasmussen, LLC,
Walker, MI

A quality roof is essential for the protection of your home or business. Whether you are experiencing any level of leakage or the life span of your current roof is passed, contact Rasmussen Exteriors to serve all your roofing needs. Our professional sales staff will evaluate your current situation and offer you the best solution using only the highest quality products from CertainTeed and IKO, which all come with many color and pattern options. These companies offer excellent warranties that will give you the assurance of a quality roof for many years. Rasmussen Exteriors installs roofing solutions that will maximize shelter, drainage, ventilation, and insulation in your home or business. In addition, we also offer services ranging from re-roofs, tear offs, and flat roofs to new construction for residential or commercial buildings at a very competitive price. Our roofing experts will not only work to solve your roof problems but will focus on improving the look of your property as well.

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