John Botten, Account Executive

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John Botten, Account Executive

Uploaded Jan 26, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Rasmussen, LLC,
Walker, MI

John has been a part of the home improvement industry since 1986. He is a native of Michigan and grew up on both the east & west sides of the state. During his career, John has sold more than 20 million dollars of home improvements and has a proven track record within the referral market. In fact, nearly 60% of John's work has been with referrals from his own customers. This speaks volume to his high ethical and moral standards. John's customers show a strong desire to refer him new business as well as to keep him in mind for future remodeling projects of their own. John is very detail-oriented and organized and really goes the extra mile to help his customers during the remodeling process and to make himself accessible for any follow up. John works long hours in order to answer his customers' questions and to remain available to his customers at all times. We are proud to have John on our team and are excited to continue growing Rasmussen Exteriors.

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