Custom art studio

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Custom art studio

Uploaded Dec 13, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Collamore Built LLC,
Columbus, OH

Our client, a professional sculptor and painter, lives in an art filled, 1960s home with modern lines. Her home "studio" was a 5' by 5' corner of a guest bedroom. She asked us to design and build an art studio with separate work areas for sculpture and painting. Lots of natural light was a must, as well as easily adjustable artificial lighting. She also required a small outdoor workspace for sculpting. The space needed to be heated, but cooled only by summer breezes. Upon further investigation, we found that zoning requirements allowed only a 9' x 32' buildable area along the west side of the house which dictated the footprint of the addition, while we allowed the sweeping rooflines of the existing home to influence the elevations. The north side of the studio opens up to accept the indirect sunlight, ideal for painting. The existing roofline of the garage intersects the studio wall creating an interesting composition. We modernized the board and batten siding and added interest by changing the spacing of the battens.

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