Marc O'Grady, CPBD, AIBD, Designer/Project Development Manager

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Marc O'Grady, CPBD, AIBD, Designer/Project Development Manager

Uploaded Sep 10, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Winn Design, LLC,
Falls Church, VA

B.S. Ferris State University School of Architecture. Marc developed a passion for architecture and construction at a young age. Growing up in the family construction business allowed Marc a unique opportunity to build a solid foundation through hands on experience in the field. He was able to gain a wealth of knowledge under the tutelage of his father, owner of the construction company. He then combined this invaluable experience with an architecture degree from Ferris State University to begin a career in residential design. Marc has worked with a variety of architecture firms to fine tune design skills and develop relationships with clients and contractors. Marc a certified professional building designer and professional member of the American Institute of Building Design. His award-winning designs have been recognized by the design and construction industries on both local and national levels. Growing up in Northern Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan, Marc became an avid outdoorsman enjoying activities such as hiking, biking, camping, skiing, water sports, boating, and the outdoors in general. Marc grew up as an athlete and continues to enjoy running, recently completing his first half marathon and has aspiration of mountain climbing. He believes in a healthy work/life balance and enjoys spending free time with his family exploring new adventures and all that life has to offer.

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