Dennis Ryan, President

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Dennis Ryan, President

Uploaded May 30, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Ryan Remodeling Inc.,
Cincinnati, OH

In 1975 after graduating from the University of Cincinnati and initial employment as an electronics technician at the UC Medical Center's BioMedical Department, Dennis Ryan decided to pursue his love of working with his hands and embarked on a career in residential remodeling. Working as a one-man crew with a collection of "antique" tools housed in a used Chevy van, Dennis quickly built a loyal following of customers doing a variety of miscellaneous home repairs. With his infectious enthusiasm and great desire to learn, Dennis soon expanded his expertise to include kitchen and bath remodeling. Business growth necessitated the hiring of additional employees with a continuous expansion of capabilities and personnel that has continued to this day. Today, Ryan Remodeling, along with Alan Haire, boasts an organization of skilled craftsmen complemented with a team of valued architects and subcontractors, including Hyde Park Lumber and Mees Distributors, who were among the first companies to supply and support the business. The company's capabilities have expanded to include not only the latest and innovative building and design techniques but, also in the scope of projects, to include the complete construction of custom homes and full restoration and commercial projects.

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