Pricing Schedule - We call it 'Pick to Play' understands that each job lead is not equal and that contractors have different needs. Our Pick to Play model is designed so that you can feel comfortable using our service in the way that makes the most sense for you.

How it works... first we pick who plays!

Contractors get first crack at job leads based on a formula that takes into account both how relevant the job is to them (based on specialty, geography, timing, and other factors) and how well-regarded they are within the ServiceLane community. Contractors who are forthcoming about how they operate and have profiles that reflect well-regarded and positively-reviewed work will score higher than contractors who are less transparent. Thus, match score is based on what work contractors have performed before, and how likely they are to perform well for a customer now.

Next... you pick how you play!

Contractors who are picked to play can choose how they will pay for the job lead. They may pay a simple lead fee, a lower lead fee coupled with a small win fee, just a win fee, a referral fee, or, at our discretion, we may negotiate fees. Also, members in good standing can pay a subscription fee, which allows access to all appropriate leads at a fixed monthly cost. Our payment system is set up to allow for credits you can be granted or earn that can offset fees.

Only three play at any given time

We place our leads with just three contractors, and we make sure homeowners see how you present your business on ServiceLane. As your profile is enhanced and new reviews and recommendations come in, we send these to the homeowners who you have been connected with. In this way we actively help you win jobs.