Sleek addition

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Sleek addition

Uploaded Jul 12, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring MRB Contracting,
Halifax, NS

At the rear of this west end Halifax home existed a twenty year old addition designed to house the studio of a German potter. At the centre of this addition existed a kiln for firing clay. The wood stud exterior walls were filled with masonry, designed to retain heat radiated from the constantly burning kiln. It was once a beautiful and efficient space but the homeowner's needs required that the space be demolished and rebuilt to house a family room on the ground floor. The room is composed of a large window at the end overlooking the backyard trees, a central light-well which draws light into the core of the house and a gathering space for the family to spend time together adjacent to the fire. The exterior of the new addition is composed of galvalume corrugated metal siding, aluminum standing seam roof and vertical reverse board and batten spruce walls.

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