David Boswell, Carpenter's Helper

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David Boswell, Carpenter's Helper

Uploaded Mar 3, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Ned Eldridge, Inc.,
High Point, NC

I was born and raised in Elberton, Georgia, the granite capital of the world. It was in Elberton many years ago that I began my lengthy career in the granite industry, where I honed my skills in custom fabrication, craftsmanship and customer service. I love constructing a product of superior quality that exceeds the clients' expectations. Having known Ned for many years, I realize that he too is a man that demands superior quality; that's how I knew I would be a good fit for his company. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my grandson. I also enjoy the relaxing sports of fishing and golf; both of which are better with aforementioned grandson!

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