Don Peters, Vice President and Partner

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Don Peters, Vice President and Partner

Uploaded Jan 11, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Lone Star State Construction,
San Antonio, TX

Don brings over 20 years of Project Management experience and over 20 years of internet and marketing experience to the team. A product of The Citadel and US Army, he retired at the rank of Major flying UH-1 helicopters and C-12 airplanes and is a Desert Storm veteran. His post-military years included Information Technology project management with various companies including Computer Sciences Corporation and USAA Insurance. He is a three time #1 Best Selling Author of five books and has been profiled in several newspapers, books and TV shows for his work selling big ticket and unusual items on eBay. He also created a business to help authors become #1 best selling authors and has done a few stints on the speaker's circuit. Don is a founding partner and Project Manager. He also uses his computer/online experience to bring new technologies, social marketing, and internet marketing to this brick and mortar family business. Don is on the Board of directors for the San Antonio NARI chapter. He also runs the Contractor Connection (USAA) division of the company.

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