David Peters, President and Partner

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David Peters, President and Partner

Uploaded Jan 11, 2014
By ServiceLane
Featuring Lone Star State Construction,
San Antonio, TX

Dave is one of the company's partners has worked in the construction industry since 1982. David brings an exceptional degree of technical competence and expertise to customer's projects. He is the founding Partner of Lone Star State Construction, LLC and leads the company with a fresh vision of how to serve customers' needs and exceed their expectations. His vision of what the construction process should and can be in order to run a well oiled machine is what drives his commitments, values and actions. As a result, he has built a company with a strong reputation for integrity, quality, dependability, thoroughness and exceptional customer service. Dave is responsible for overseeing all Project Managers, Superintendents, writing contracts, doing estimates, construction troubleshooting and taking care of the accounting for the company. Prior to founding Lone Star State Construction, LLC, Dave worked as a Senior Builder for Medallion Homes, a local builder here in San Antonio, where he oversaw the building of 45 homes in two years. He was also a Project Manager for a large General Contracting company in Colorado where he managed several large projects including an 18,000 square foot home in the mountains for 14,000,000.00, which took 3 years to build. Dave opened up his own General Contracting Company in Colorado and his first job was to build a 5,000 square foot addition to his local fire department, Eagle Fire Station, a second home to him being that he served as a volunteer fireman/EMT for 6 years while living in Colorado. Dave also has experience is being an on-site Superintendent as he worked for Pulte Homes for several years in Virginia overseeing the building of over 200 homes. Dave started his construction career at the School of Hard Knocks by actually wearing his tool belt and reading blueprints and drawing plans. Dave studied architecture at Northern Virginia Community College after graduating high school while simultaneously opening up his first Construction Company, 3D Renovations, with his brothers Don and Daren. The same two brothers that now are his partners 27 years later.

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