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The greyHouse Name

Uploaded Nov 17, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring greyHouse Inc.,
Raleigh, NC

Everyone has a special place in their world where family converges, worries dissipate, and the monotonous day-to-day grind of opening the mail, checking the answering machine, and mowing the lawn are nonexistent concerns. If you've been blessed with the opportunity to spend time at beautiful Kerr Lake on the North Carolina-Virginia border, you've been to the site that has long-served that purpose for greyHouse owners Will and Lindsey and the rest of the Tomlinson family. As the original lakefront owners of their neighboring properties, Will's grandfathers, Travis "Tommy" Tomlinson and William "Jeffress" Senter, were bringing their children there as toddlers in the '50s. Nearly 20 years later two of their children wed, and the family tradition was continued when Anne and Parker - Will's parents - purchased the centering property that had originally separated their childhood grounds. With the families now connected and their three homes sitting adjacent in a row, the properties quickly became distinguished as the Red House (the Senter house, on the right), the Yellow House (the Tomlinson house, on the left), and Will's parents house: the Grey House (in the middle). Following in his parents' footsteps Will grew up spending his summers on the lake, collecting along the way countless memories any family-man would be envious of. With both sets of grandparents next door around the clock and a constant revolving door of aunts, uncles and cousins running in and out, the Grey House became both a safe haven and lifelong staple to a third generation of both the Tomlinson and Senter families. Now as adults, Will, along with Lindsey and Tomlinson brothers Ben and Adam and their wives, can be found enjoying the summer weekends together with Anne and Parker on the porch of the Grey House, sharing in the same relaxed, enjoyable, family atmosphere Tommy and Jeffress shared with their families nearly 60 years ago. As if the Grey House didn't already hold one of the most important and sacred places in Will and his family's lives, greyHouse Inc. was born directly from the hallowed spot and all it represents. It was more than a coincidence that Will was, at the time, Head of Renovations for a local construction company when his parents approached him with the challenge of fully renovating the Grey House to accommodate their expanding family. The project was to include a full kitchen remodel, two full bathroom remodels, porch enlargement, the addition of a central full bath and powder room, site excavation, and an addition to the house that would nearly double the size of the original structure - a project that runs the full gamut of home renovation. With this special endeavor on the horizon, Will and Lindsey made the decision to use the project as a springboard to start an endeavor of their own; Lindsey left her job with the Carolina Hurricanes and the two joined together to put the pieces in place to start the Grey House project--and greyHouse Inc.

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