Thomas Kerbel--Remodeling Assistant

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Thomas Kerbel--Remodeling Assistant

Uploaded May 30, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Red House Remodeling,
West Des Moines, IA

I think I was born with a hammer in my hand. One of my favorite childhood pictures is of me working with my Dad outside; I'm stirring concrete and wearing a Superman hat. Like a lot of people in the industry, I come from a family of construction professionals. My father and uncles were in the industry so it's what I grew up with and what I've always done. They gave me my first real job after high school and I've been in construction ever since. From concrete work to installing rooftop gardens in Chicago, I've done almost everything. I always enjoy meeting people and working on their projects. Personal: I grew up in Sycamore, Illinois, which is west of Chicago. My wife's job brought us to the Des Moines area. I enjoy the Midwest because I'm an outdoor person. No matter the season, I can always find something fun to do outside. I like to play basketball and I'm into music. My wife and I like to go off-roading on 4-wheelers and dirt bikes. We just had our first child, a son, which is awesome! I guess we might need to put the off-roading on hold for awhile in lieu of something more kid friendly.

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