Bob Baker--Remodeling Specialist

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Bob Baker--Remodeling Specialist

Uploaded May 30, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Red House Remodeling,
West Des Moines, IA

I think it's rare for someone to find a job they love, but I love what I do. I have no problem getting up every morning to head off to work. I've enjoyed building stuff since I was a kid. I remember building a play house in my parent's garage. I'm not sure I'd climb up in it now, but fortunately my skills have improved since then. I like being able to improve someone's home. It gives me a real sense of achievement that I've made their home better. I also like all the different personalities I encounter while remodeling. Personal: I was born and raised in Newton. My wife is a teacher and we have three young kids: a daughter and two sons. Right now they're involved in pretty much every sport so we are a busy family!

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