Eric Johansson, President/CEO

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Eric Johansson, President/CEO

Uploaded Oct 8, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Retro Pro Kitchen & Bath,
Chandler, AZ

Eric Johansson started his remodeling career in 1998. While working for a remediation and restoration company he noticed how owners did not seem to treat their customers with the attention and respect he felt they deserved. That's when Eric decided to go out on his own and create a better company. For the next 6 years he worked independently in both commercial and residential construction and refined his ability to meet and exceed his customers' expectations. In 2005 he formed Retro Pro as the culmination of all he had learned and accomplished. Eric is not only a skilled craftsman himself, but is also an accomplished business owner who knows what it takes to run a successful remodeling company.

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