Greg Heden, Owner

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Greg Heden, Owner

Uploaded Oct 6, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Premier Kitchen & Bath,
Mesa, AZ

Premier Kitchen & Bath is a team of designers, expediters, office staff, and craftsman that are given direction, supervision, and inspiration by the owner on a day to day basis. Premier has been a hands-on business for owner, Greg Heden, since its inception in 1994. Greg was born and raised in Coventry, Rhode Island. He graduated from West Bay Vocational Technical School in 1986. After working in the trades for several years he dove into his studies at Bryant University. After graduating with a BS in finance, he relocated to Valley of the Sun and began to establish himself as a recognized remodeling contractor. In 1999, Greg chose to specialize in the kitchen and bath field of expertise. Soon thereafter, Greg became aware of the lack of cohesiveness between the design and product specification aspect of this field, and the installation process. By combining the contracting or installation field of expertise with the design and specification field, he aimed to create a seamless avenue for consumers to realize there remodeling dreams without fear from the plethora of remodeling horror stories that often arise from split responsibilities and duties. Since that time, Premier Kitchen and Bath has established itself as the only specialty remodeling company in the valley that offers the "Red Carpet" remodeling experience. This means a company that will design, specify, procure, deliver, and install all the products necessary for a complete custom kitchen, bathroom, or whole house remodel project. In addition, all of this is executed by a team of highly trained, dedicated, in-house employees that work seamlessly to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. Ownership and responsibility of the entire project has produced a seamless, organized, and stress-free remodeling process, that has been embraced and appreciated by our clientele, trade partners, and the remodeling community.

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