Grady Portelli, Owner, and Diane Portelli, Project Manager/Design Services

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Grady Portelli, Owner, and Diane Portelli, Project Manager/Design Services

Uploaded Sep 29, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Quality Home Renovators, LLC,
St. Petersburg, FL

Quality Home Renovators motto is "A project isn't done 'til it's done!" Client satisfaction is our number one focus, every step of the way. As experienced home remodeling and renovation contractors, we pride ourselves on maintaining excellent communication with our customers from estimate through completion. Our team is anchored by Grady Portelli. A master craftsman himself, Grady is actively involved in every aspect of your home remodel or renovation project, because the company's reputation--and his--is on the line. Grady is supported by Diane Portelli, Project Manager/Design Services. This two-person team has been working seamlessly since 1991. Diane is responsible for the supervision of the overall project, sub-contractors, design choices as well as making sure that the quality of our work meets your high standards. Quality Home Renovators only hires those who feel as we do--passionate about quality. Remodeling contractors are not created equal and are only as good as the level of expertise they employ in the field. The Quality Home Renovators field team is comprised of the finest craftspeople in the area.

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