Lou Vaughn, Owner

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Lou Vaughn, Owner

Uploaded May 30, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Lou Vaughn Remodeling,
Cincinnati, OH

Lou's interest in carpentry, construction and remodeling began at birth, the family explains, and has been a core part of him ever since. At the age of fourteen, his summer breaks were consumed by a wide range of projects at The Bob Hope House where he was mentored in an "old school tradition," emphasizing perfection and pride. At seventeen, he sought to further refine his trade and earned a certification in carpentry from Diamond Oaks Vocational School. Having been introduced to many gifted craftsmen, numerous opportunities to be mentored by experts in the industry were available to him. Exposure to a variety disciplines from rough framing to kitchen and bath renovations assisting master remodelers gave him a comprehensive understanding of the industry. Eventually, he was invited to join a team responsible for staging the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show, an event well-known for showcasing the latest in home interiors and innovations. Since then, Lou has enjoyed several opportunities to participate in these events! When Lou started Vaughn Construction, LLC in 1996, his focus was subcontracting from builders, constructing custom & production homes that included all of the interior carpentry as well. With Lou's determination, at one point he worked 3 months without a day off, framing homes alone some of those days of the weekends and often building decks higher than 10 feet off the ground solo!!! In a short time, his responsibilities grew well beyond those of a typical subcontractor and included taking concepts to design, leading and managing crews, procuring materials, and managing projects. But, working directly with customers is what he enjoyed most, and this gave birth to his idea to work directly with the public, shutting the doors to the subcontracting of home building business to opening the door to the General Contracting Remodeling business. Residential remodeling is creative, exciting, and allows him to help people make their home a place that is uniquely their own.

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