Client-inspired kitchen

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Client-inspired kitchen

Uploaded Sep 1, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Black Creek Builders,
Oakland, CA

This new homeowner, an avid cook, got a great deal on a contractor-flip, but she was never in love with the kitchen, so she decided to do a remodel. During the demolition phase, we stripped the walls down to the studs, revealing substandard plumbing, dangerous electrical wiring, and inferior framing. Our in-house plumbers, electricians, and carpenters brought everything up to current codes and safety standards in no time. Excited about the design process, our client was hands-on. She researched options online and visited showrooms. She cut out pictures from magazines and catalogues and made a collage of exactly what she wanted for her new, dream kitchen. To add some flair, she saved the original, red, Bakelite handles from her old cabinets and paired them with a new red Marmoleum floor. (Marmoleum is a type of natural linoleum. Bio-based, highly durable, non-toxic, and anti-microbial, it's one of greenest flooring options available). For added savings, with our guidance, she self-sourced her own cabinets, backsplash, and plumbing fixtures, including a cool pot-filler for pasta lovers. A new rolling island, with a butcher-block top, provided kitchen functionality, comfort, and style.

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