Dan Miller, Owner

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Dan Miller, Owner

Uploaded Aug 31, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring DHM Remodeling Inc.,
Bloomington, IN

My work ethic: The work done on your home will be completed as if it were being done on my very own. Quality craftsmanship, total involvement, attention to detail, and a commitment to your satisfaction are the cornerstones of my business. I was introduced to home improvements at an early age, sorting nails for my dad while he built a new living room addition on our house in Fort Wayne. I've always known the value of a hard days work, how to stand behind my word on a project, and the obligation that goes with a handshake. I've always enjoyed working on my own homes and when the timing was right to start my own business it wasn't a shock to many people. In fact, it was a concrete sales rep who said: "Dan, I don't know ANYBODY who would have the confidence to jack up their own house and do what you've done ... You should be doing this for a living."

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