Walter Price, Owner

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Walter Price, Owner

Uploaded Aug 26, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Walter Price Design/Build,
Maitland, FL

They say that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. That is exactly what happened with Walter Price. When Walter was younger, he was exposed to and worked with many classically trained craftsmen. Over a lifetime he traveled throughout the country, learning his trade through years of demanding work where he learned the right (and the wrong) way to do things. With each opportunity, Walter determined to hone his craft and become the absolute best in the remodeling business. When Walter Price has a chance to visit, you see someone with true passion for his craft. He doesn't like to sit and talk about the recent game or the weather. He likes talking about the design and build possibilities he envisions for your home. The results of his work are unique, original, ingenuous--we invite you to sit down with us and let us show what Walter Price Design Build can do for you.

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