Vernon C. DuPree,  President and Owner, Modern Kit

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Vernon C. DuPree, President and Owner, Modern Kit

Uploaded May 30, 2013
By ServiceLane
Featuring Modern Kitchens and Baths,
St. Louis, MO

Vern was born and raised in St. Louis, a graduate from Kirkwood High School he went on to graduate from Washington University with a BSBA degree in business. He then added to his education and self-improvement and graduated from Ft. Benjamin Harrison Officers Finance School and served two years as Finance Officer at the 5th Army Headquarters. Vern's wife Judy is a registered nurse with the Rockwood school district. His greatest accomplishments are his children, grandchildren and Modern Kitchens and Baths where all our associates feel like family. The success of Modern Kitchens and Baths is due to the wonderful support that St. Louis City and County gives to family owned businesses. Modern Kitchens is in its 4th generation as well as our customers are in their 4th generation. Modern Kitchens and Baths is one of the oldest Kitchen and Bath companies in the United States. Before there were Home Centers, Modern Kitchens and Baths was selling kitchen cabinetry to customers at low discounted prices. St. Louis we thank you for your loyalty

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